World Debut of F&W Cookware and Cutlery

International Home + Housewares Show - Chicago, IL

Revealing Fleischer and Wolf’s Cookware and Cutlery

We have been keeping very busy since unveiling our cookware and cutlery at the International Home + Housewares Show 2016! It was exhilarating to show off our products with Hudson Home Group (HHG) LLC’s other cookware lines, Cerastone, CeraPan, and Todd English among many other exciting exhibitors. We made sure that our booth had heart, soul, and a little bit of dirt to keep things interesting.

F&W Cookware launch 2016

Upon arriving in Chicago, we scoped out one of our favorite hot dog joints Portillo’s, oh man was it good! It should be a crime to go to Chicago without having one. After some hard work and brainstorming at McCormick Place, we decided it was time for dinner.

We ended up at Maple & Ash in Chicago’s Gold Coast; a classic steakhouse with a focus on wood-fired cooking. The menu to the right is just our style, obviously we all ordered the special. We sat over a glass of wine and marinated in what this event meant for all of us and how excited we were to let our innovative culinary finds speak for themselves at the show.

The toast that stole our night:

“For the Culinarian it’s about the perfect place in which the food and flavor join good friends to create the experience that transcends dining. The Culinarian knows that it is at the table and in the kitchen where life is real.”

F&W Cookware launch 2016

Excitement was growing as we neared our debut. Our booth at the show was nearly complete. We carefully designed it to show just enough to start a buzz, with the big reveal happening behind closed curtains to buyers that received a private invitation. Beyond the curtains Fleischer & Wolf cookware lined the walls on custom built copper plated tables with pipes and dumb bell weights for legs accompanied by hanging Edison light bulbs to give it a real industrial-chic feel. The booth would not have been complete without the last minute addition of Wolf’s custom Triumph motorcycle parked right next to our makeshift food truck. It was a sight to see!

We made the unveiling at the show an exclusive event; invite only to the top retail and big-box buyers. The entire Hudson Home Goods team rallied together, taking turns greeting buyers and letting them tour the booth to get their first glimpse of the next big cookware line! Buyers received custom Fleischer & Wolf water bottles and recycled notepads adding to the unforgettable Fleischer & Wolf experience. We spared no expense and paid attention to the smallest details, but in the end, our products did the talking

Wolf and I were always nearby watching the excitement and buzz grow. We could hear chatter from beyond the curtain and were honored to unveil a cookware line that is stylish and affordable. Sorry if we missed you there; our motto has always been and will always be, Food Over Fame, as it is not about us, it’s about the food!





Since the show, we have been in talks with many buyers of some of the biggest retailers and big-box stores that want to carry our cookware and cutlery. The response we have received has been better than we could have hoped. We are happy to announce that you will be seeing us in large retailers and big-box stores later this year!

Here are some photos from the trade show we know you’ll love!

F&W Cookware launch 2016F&W Cookware launch 2016F&W Cookware launch 2016F&W Cookware launch 2016F&W Cookware launch 2016F&W Cookware launch 2016F&W Cookware launch 2016